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Manage outcomes, not people.

Simplify and scale software development with PoDs.

  • Scale Teams Quickly

  • Reduce Costs

  • Reduce Complexity

  • Improve Quality

The Power of PoDs
A PoD is a single instance of a hybrid delivery team that aligns to an end-to-end customer experience. Led by a Product Manager (PdM) on your team, we supply an experienced on-shore lead software engineer to direct and manage team execution, through one of more PoDs--a team structure designed for continuous feature delivery. PoDs are ideally suited for agile delivery with Scrum teams or the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). 
How is this different from traditional off-shore? 
The traditional off-shore model can work, but it's not for everyone. Companies have reported mixed-results over the years depending on the maturity and internal capabilities of organization. It is normally a function of staff-augmentation and comes into the organization through an off-shore staffing firm. In this model, you manage the talent, define the management activities, create the services around it and the related management metrics. In the end, the overhead of management and frequency of poor quality and high turnover don't often yield the expected benefits.
Modern Software Development with PoDs
PoDs are meant to be wholly aligned to a customer experience where one or more are entirely capable of producing all the features necessary for each minimum viable product (MVP) release. Additionally, we supply delivery management for all of your PoDs and manage to your outcomes. During on-boarding, we will set up metrics and manage to them. Productivity, Capacity and Software Quality are the most common dimensions to measure.
Key Differentiators
- Cost Transparency
- Agile Native
- Hybrid Model to Improve Communications
- Single, shared Backlog of Work
- Virtual Participation in Product Increment planning
- Key Performance Indicators
- DevOps Integration
- Secure Infrastructure
- Shared Communities of Practice
For more information, quotes and detail on PoD structure and archetypes, please contact us.
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